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In 2006 I volunteered to consolidate numerous related family histories into a single digital composition.  In my first foray into genealogy, I was successful in correlating the history of nearly 4,500 individuals from 4 separate books into one seamless piece of genealogy.  I soon came to realize the significance of what I was doing and its importance to the many relatives who shared a genuine interest in our ancestors. .

Since the initial task in 2006, my interest and curiosity has resulted in extensive research to build upon the history to date as well as coordinating with other genealogists to expand upon the lineage of our family ancestors. To date, there are over 14,800 individuals who are in one form or another related within our family tree.

This site was developed to actively share our family history. I encourage you to provide any information or knowledge you may have.  Your help to establish and preserve the countless generations before us, paves the way for the education and enjoyment of the countless generations that will follow us. 

    Kristopher Clinton “KC” Gerlitz